Incorporating the Missing Marketing Solutions Into Your Organization

81 Shop’s mission is to assist organizations who may not need or not be in a position to have a full-time marketing department.


When it comes to marketing and public relations, our clients tend to fit into two categories – either they know what to do but don’t have the time, or they don’t know what to do. We fill these needs to help them move forward.

Some of the 81 Shop Philosophy

In our niche, our business often works with groups that feel like they are handicapped because their purse may not be as deep as the 'big' players - and it stifles their opportunity to be creative.


Not so.


An idea can come from anywhere. Anyone. The trouble is, it has to be a good one. And if you don't have the Super Bowl ad budget, it needs to be really good. But - if the idea is really good, it can catch wind and go places.


Today's technology - YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, cell phone cameras, on and on - allows us to share great ideas so quickly and on such a logarithmic scale, that just about anything can hit big. If it's good enough.


We encourage people to embrace great ideas and execute upon them. The next one might hit.

What's New?

Johnny Piñata Takes Off

81 Shop and partner Otey's Tavern in Mountain Brook stumbled upon an idea that took Otey's into the desktops and TV screens across the country.

Medical West Women's Center Showcased

81 Shop and partner Medical West Hospital continued with our video series by highlighting the personalities and personalized care of the hospital's Women's Center.

Let's Get Some Work Done.

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81 Shop is helping organizations throughout the area reach their potential and make the most of their consumer touches.

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